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Arthavidhi Capital Private limited is a company registered under the companies Act 2013 headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan .We are a new generation service provider in the business of promoting financial inclusion. We are Authorized Business Correspondents to Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies NBFC' in India.
We are ARTHAVIDHI CAPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED dedicated to advancing financial inclusion and empowering communities across India. As a business correspondent for multiple Banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions, we extend essential financial and banking services to unbanked and underbanked areas, serving as a vital link between institutions and customers. Our Services
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Comprehensive Financial Solutions
We specialize in providing loans, including MSME business loans, and facilitating individual and group-based savings accounts directly to our customers at their doorstep. Operating under the SHG/JLG model, we ensure accessibility and convenience for all.
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Empowering Livelihoods
Our mission goes beyond financial services. We are committed to enhancing livelihood opportunities by offering locally suitable and sustainable skills training. Through technical and networking skills development, we empower individuals to bridge the livelihood gap and achieve economic stability.
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Driving Economic Empowerment
By promoting financial inclusion and empowering individuals with essential skills, we catalyze sustainable development and prosperity within local communities. Our approach not only supports economic growth but also contributes to building resilient and thriving societies.
Company Mission
Empowering MSMEs with accessible, efficient, and innovative financial solutions through strategic partnerships and advanced technology, fostering sustainable growth and financial inclusion for underserved businesses across diverse communities
Company Vision
To lead as the premier NBFC Business Correspondent, transforming MSME lending with inclusivity, transparency, and customer-centricity. We envision a future where every MSME accesses the financial support to thrive, contributing to a robust and equitable economy.
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